Here Are The Rules of Wearing Kilts That Every Man Should Know About

Rules of Wearing Kilts

Want to Know the rules of wearing kilts?

So, you have decided to wear a kilt. Pretty bold choice, but certainly not a bad one. Kilts are a sexy piece of clothing for any adventurous man looking to stand out and be unique. But be careful… kilts are also a very “national” piece of clothing for those from Scotland. Kilts bare a certain representation that makes them a very “dictated” piece of clothing to wear. This does not mean you need to follow the rules, but if you care to know, this article will cover a few of the different rules you should follow if you want to wear a kilt “the right way”.

Here are the rules of wearing kilts

  1. To Underwear or Not to Underwear:

This is by far the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they see a kilt in public – “Is that man wearing underwear under there???”. Well, when it comes to wearing a kilt, probably not. In order to appeal as a traditional Scot, kilts are usually worn without undergarments. Though I will go ahead and include the point that it is honestly up to you. If you feel more comfortable rocking the kilt with underwear, go for it, it’s not like people will be trying to race up under your kilt to fact check – and if they are that’s weird.

  1. The Belt & It’s Context:

Most kilts are worn with a belt with a rather “pronounced” buckle. I’m not talking a small belt either, one that will stand out, color contrast your kilt, and of course, hold everything up. You don’t really need to overthink the buckle thing either, just make sure it works with the kilt you’re wearing.

  1. A Pouch: To be more politically correct a “Sporran”:

The sporran, or a pouch, typically made of leather will drape across the kilt with a chain/straps. Not only does this add some sort of texture and depth to the kilt, but it also brings some character to the outfit. This is not to say that kilts don’t bring a lot of character to the outfit, because trust me, they do.

  1. What about Complimenting the Kilt?

Typically, kilts are worn with some high socks and laced shoes. Usually, these socks are white to contrast the plaid kilt and the laced shoes black leather.

Most kilts are worn with a nice suede jacket or shirt.

Color compliments the kilt that you are wearing.

Even though none of these rules absolutely need to be followed.

It is simply the suggested rules that kilt-wearers of Scotland have established through years of tradition and practice. Much of modern fashion is taking on trends and making them different so if you want to pick up a kilt and rock it differently against all these rules feel free to do so. No matter the trend, people may judge you, call you out on something different, but at the end of the day, it is your outfit, your take on the trend, and your choice to react positively or negatively.

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