How to Look Sexy Wearing a Kilt on a First Date

For all you kilt wearers out there surviving the dating scene, wearing a kilt on a first date might seem like a big no-no. Even if you wanted to wear your favorite utility kilt, you’re probably too worried about scaring them off too soon, so you end up wearing one of your regular blue jeans.

It’s probably too taboo for them. They’ll think I’m weird. I’ll just get stood up.

If you’re a true fan of kilts for men, it’s only a matter of time until they find out about your kilty pleasure. You shouldn’t be ashamed to wear mens kilts, regardless if it’s the first, third or ninety-second date. Plus, if they think wearing a kilt is weird, this person is probably not the right match for you anyways!

As a matter of fact, most people think the exact opposite about men in kilts. From viral kilted yogis to Outlander’s Scottish McDreamy, USA kilts for men are gaining a lot of attention for simply making men look sexy AF.

They’re not only intriguing to look at, but it also gets the imagination flowing. Your date might even be visualizing what you’re actually wearing under the kilt– if anything at all.

So, are you up for the challenge? Like any date, you want to make a good first impression by looking sexy in your utility kilt. Here are some useful dating and styling tips on how you can look your absolute sexiest while wearing a kilt on your next first date.

  1. Be True to Your Style

You might’ve browsed through images of fashionable men in USA kilts for sale on Differio just to get some style inspiration. Whether you prefer wearing a sport kilt, tartan kilt or tactical kilt, there are so many ways you can style mens kilts. You can emulate gothic rock with a modern kilt or go classic preppy in a traditional-style Scottish kilt.

There’s nothing wrong with imitating someone else’s style, but you shouldn’t copy an outfit just because you saw Jared Leto style it that way. It can be a major turn off if you’re wearing a modern kilt outfit that doesn’t fit your everyday style. Your date will only see right through you if you’re not being yourself.

As a result, they might distance themselves or cut the night short, which is the last thing you want, especially if you’re really into this person.

To avoid this, you should stick with mens kilts for sale that don’t feel like you’re forcing a foreign style into your wardrobe. It should feel effortless and natural, like throwing on your favorite t-shirt.

For instance, if you’re into street style, try pairing a denim kilt with your high-top sneakers and a graphic t-shirt. If you prefer wearing dark alternative clothing, try pairing a leather kilt with combat boots and a biker jacket. As long as your outfit feels like you, you’re on the right track.

  1. Confidence is Key

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before, but confidence is really the key to looking sexy on a first date, especially while wearing a kilt.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re not feeling confident, your body language and social skills are all out of whack? You’re probably slouched over, fidgeting with your drink, or looking off in the distance.

What’s worse is that your date might start feeling the same way, which will only heighten the awkward, getting-to-know-you vibes. Basically, it’s everyone’s worst nightmare.

Before your date, choose your favorite utility kilt that you feel most comfortable in. Being comfortable in your outfit choice is a good start for building confidence. Whether you’re sitting, walking, eating, or talking, always remember to do it with dominant motions, such as making eye contact, standing up straight, and keeping your chin up.

If any of your kilts for men have pockets, avoid keeping your hands in your pockets. It’s actually human nature to cover your hands when you’re uncomfortable, another action that’ll unconsciously derail your sexy confidence.

Most importantly, don’t overthink it to the point where you’re driving yourself crazy with nerves. If you’re feeling relaxed and having fun, the rest should come naturally.

  1. Wear Something Naughty

One of the easiest ways to look and feel sexy is by wearing sexy underwear underneath your utility kilt. When you’re wearing something sexy (even if it’s just underwear that no one can see), it builds confidence and – as we just mentioned – looking confident easily translates into looking sexy.

Besides, any date-night outfit is just not complete with your sexiest pair of underwear. Whether you prefer loose boxers or tight briefs, wear whatever style makes you feel like your sexiest self.

Who knows? If the night ends really well, you’ll be glad you wore the hottest pair you own!

The only “style” we don’t recommend is going commando. Have you ever heard the saying that a true Scotsman wears kilts for men commando? Even though this is just an old saying, recent polls show that some men still actually go out in public sans underwear, believe it or not.

While trendy kilts for men might not scare your date away, exposing your man parts in public will definitely creep out a first date, even if you’re not intentionally trying to commit public indecency.

We suggest staying away from see-through mesh styles and going for solid leather or animal print to get the same sexy vibes without the accidental exposure.

  1. Put Your Best Leg Forward

When you’re wearing a kilt, the most obvious parts of your body that you’re exposing are your legs. Most USA kilts for men fall around the knee (depending on your height), which means you’ll want your calves and shins to look their best.

Aside from basic hygiene, you can maintain a healthy-looking glow on your legs by moisturizing them with lotion, especially if you’re prone to dry, ashy knees. It’s recommended to hydrate your legs right after stepping out of the shower for maximum absorption.

Hairy or not, you’ll always look sexy flaunting what you’ve got with confidence. You can also add some sunkissed color to your legs with a little overnight self-tanner so you don’t need to worry about any mishaps the day of your date.

Most of all, you don’t have anything to lose by putting in extra calorie-burning effort on leg day at the gym before splurging on new mens kilts for sale.

By putting in the effort to look good physically, it not only makes you look sexy in your utility kilt, but it also shows your date that you care enough to look presentable for them. Source

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