Tactical Kilts was a joke but now you can buy it

Two words – “tactical kilts”. Are you going to argue about the toughness of Sean Connery or anyone depicted in “Braveheart”? I didn’t think so. Because they love(d) their kilts.

The story goes, according to an article in The Atlantic, that the guys at 5.11 Tactical, who make clothing used by the military and law enforcement, made an April Fools video about offering a “tactical kilt“. Some people didn’t get the joke but wanted to order the kilt and some totally got the joke and STILL wanted to order one. So they started making real tactical kilts and they started selling like crazy. In a little over two years, they’ve sold 8,000 kilts. Apparently, kilts are very popular these days with guys competing in “Tough Mudder” and Crossfit competitions.

Buy Your Custom Fit Tactical Kilt Here

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