Difference between Tartan and Utility kilts

Are you stand confused between Tartan Kilts and Utility Kilts and ever desire to know the difference between tartan and utility kilt?

Today I am sharing that what are the definite differentiation between Tartan Kilt and Utility Kilt. So permit me to label the differences one by one.


Tartan Kilts has its past as it belongs to Scotland, Celtic, and Ireland. It belongs to the clan and each clan occupies its Fabric known as Tartan. Therefore, this is the cause that there are more than 100 designs of Tartan Kilts as it stands for different tribes from those regions.

Whereas Utility Kilt is an advanced structure of that traditional Kilt which has different styles and materials. Utility Kilts comes in Leather, Denim, Cotton, and many other fabrics. These are just present time fabrics and do not convey any history with them.


Tartan Kilts or Traditional kilts possess their historical design which is in use for many years.

Utility or Working Kilts are according to the modern requirement and also keeping the tradition alive along with meeting the needs of people.


Tartan Kilt also has a history of manufacturing. The Tartan Kilts are handmade by the use of a needle without using any machine for manufacturing.

Whereas Utility Kilt is made on machines; however, some parts of Utility kilt are handmade.


Scottish and Irish people use Sporran, a purse, with their belt to carry their stuff because tartan kilt does not have any pockets.

Utility Kilts or Modern kilts have many designs and these kilts have hidden pockets to carry your stuff.

Tartan vs Utility kilt, Difference between Tartan and Utility Kilts.

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