We Know What Men Actually Wear Under the Kilt

What men actually wear under the kilt?

The age-old question about kilts for men has always been: What do men wear under kilts or What men actually wear under the kilt? There’s a saying that a “true Scotsman” doesn’t wear anything underneath his kilt, but this saying has been around probably just as long as kilts have been around.

The very first Scottish men in kilts used to wear traditional kilts commando because it was part of the military dress. However, this tradition soon faded as it just wasn’t practical for both hygienic and combat purposes.

So now people are left to wonder how often this butt-baring tradition is actually celebrated or if it’s just a humorous saying. Luckily, research by YouGov finally put our minds at ease by releasing a poll asking Scottish men what they wear underneath their kilts for men.

There’s really not much to choose from when you’re deciding what to wear under a traditional or modern kilt. You’re basically choosing from three basic categories that consist of shorts/other, underwear, or nothing.

Here’s what Scottish men actually answered in the poll, as well as some kilt styling ideas. This way you can decide what you want to wear under your next utility kilt without any hesitation!

  1. Shorts/Other (7%)

Surprisingly, not many men said they wore shorts, tights, leggings, pants, or other similar garments underneath their kilt. Only 7% of adult Scottish men said they wear something else besides underwear or going commando.

On the other hand, it’s actually a very popular streetwear trend to wear “something else” under a utility kilt, such as leggings and skinny pants. This layered look is a practical alternative for guys that have no choice but to wear a utility kilt in winter climates.

You can also layer regular pants under kilts for men, but the ankle-hugging fit tends to look more flattering, especially paired with high-top sneakers or combat boots.

  1. Underwear (55%)

The most popular garment amongst Scottish men was men’s underwear. Roughly 55% of male pollers said they preferred to wear underwear.

Now you might be wondering what type of underwear you should wear with your mens kilts. Honestly, it’s really up to personal preference. If you don’t want your underwear to show beneath your kilts for men, it’s best to choose high-cut underwear, like briefs or boxer briefs.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more coverage, then you’re better off with traditional boxer shorts. You should also consider what type of fabric your utility kilt is made of, as well as the color. Sometimes, lightweight white fabric can be slightly sheer, so it’s best to go with nude-colored underwear for a discreet look.

  1. Nothing (38%)

There are actually more men that admitted to wearing nothing underneath their Scottish kilt than wearing underwear. Approximately 38% of Scottish males prefer going commando in men’s kilts.

Wearing any kilt, there’s no written rule that you must go commando or wear underwear. It’s best to feel out the type of event you’re going to and who will be attending.

If you’re going to a music festival, it could be a fun statement to go commando in men’s kilts.

If you’re attending a wedding, you’re better off wearing shorts out of respect for the family.

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