What is Prince Charlie jacket?

The Prince Charlie jacket is a formal black tie highland dress that was initially listed in tailor catalogs of the early twenties. Over the next couple years it became to be called a ‘Prince Charlie’ (PC). This jacket is often used in the evening.

It is a short cut jacket with short tails in the back. Embellished with scallop cuffs and as well as silver buttons in the double breast style from the front, the back tails also have scallop flaps and silver buttons.

They are traditionally worn with a wing collar shirt and bow tie. Occasionally, they are worn with a Victorian collar shirt and a tie for a more contemporary look. The Prince Charlie Jacket is usually made from a 15oz heavy worsted pure wool fabric.

The belt itself can be plain or patterned in brown or black leather. … But note that it is normal to wear no buckle or belt with the Prince Charlie jacket, as the waistcoat (vest) would not lie correctly over it.

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