Cynthia Knight

Fashion Designer

Founded in 2015, Tactical kilts is a Scottish clothing and accessory company. We specialize in made to measure Scottish clothing.

Tactical Kilts are the perfect Kilts for the modern man. They’re comfortable, durable and look great in any setting. If you’ve never worn a kilt before, we’ll help get you started with our “How to wear it” guide!
Tactical kilts is a company that manufactures high-quality tactical skirts for men who need or want more mobility than trousers provide. We also offer an online store where customers can buy their favorite styles & colors of Tactical Kilts from anywhere in the world!

Our products are designed with modern style while retaining traditional quality craftsmanship.
The Philosophy

Tactical kilts is not your average online clothing retailer. We are an innovative company with a serious mission: to provide tactical gear for the modern Scottish warrior, and make sure they look good doing it!

We offer top quality tactical kilts designed by our in-house team of experts that will allow you to be prepared for any situation. However, we don’t stop there—our men’s and women’s apparel features many designs with pockets big enough to hold all of your essentials.