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Tactical Kilt Multicam

Tactical Duty Kilt is a fully-functional utility kilt made of a highly durable polyester/cotton blend with Rip-Stop weave and DuPont Teflon fabric protector for stain resistance and easy maintenance. Designed to perform on duty, at the range, or in an operational environment, Tactical Duty Kilt comes with pockets, . Tactical Duty Kilt from Kilt Master provides superior durability and functionality for operational use.

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Wear Tactical Kilt While Enjoying Your Time Off

Started as the April fool joke, tactical kilts have become quite popular these days. Tactical kilts are fully functional utility kilts that are made of highly durable polyester/cotton blend. Made from lightweight rip-stop fabric with a Teflon finish and reinforced triple stitching the tactical duty kilts are comfortable and durable.

If you want to wear a kilt in a more manly style, then tactical kilts are the ones you can rely on. No matter you are wearing a traditional event or work tactical kilt is the best wardrobe decision you have ever made.

Product information :

Tactical kilts are made of a highly durable cotton blend with DuPont Teflon fabric protector and rip-stop weave for stain resistance. A tactical kilt is actually a rigid/inflexible form of utility kilt, but the use of pure cotton material gives these kilts a manly look.

The tactical kilts were first made by the 5.11 tactical as they started offering these kilts as an April fool joke. So, the credit goes to them. Later these kilts become popular and now are used widely. The tactical kilts available at Scottish Kilt Collection are made from high-quality materials that make them a perfect choice for fashion styles, sports, and rock events. Our kilts provide superior functionality for operation use.

Tactical kilt Features and Highlights:

  • Super tough breathable material perfect for the men who sweat a lot
  • Built-in D rings to let you attach keys
  • Built-in D rings to attach a torch
  • Water and stain-resistant Teflon keeps the tactical kilt fresh
  • Triple stitching at the seam for extra durability
  • Triple stitching at the major stress points for outclass durability
  • Wide and sturdy belt loops that support 1.75 inches tactical belt
  • Front pockets that allow you to store more gears
  • The design that can afford maximum breathability and flexibility
  • Interchangeable TDU-style cargo pockets
  • Hidden pockets within the visible pockets

Different from Traditional kilt:

The history of kilts goes back to the 16th century, but tactical kilts are not that old. 5.11 tactical started them as a joke, but people liked these kilts and purchased. These are stylish and modern kilts. So, there is a minor difference between tactical and traditional kilts. Tactical kilts are made of high-quality fabric, so; these are flexible and breathable kilts.

The difference between a tactical and tradition kilt is that the pleats in a tactical kilt are large but few. It makes these kilts lighter than the traditional kilts. Tactical duty kilts are made for men to wear in any type of duty. Purchase our gorgeous tactical kilts to look manly. The interesting part is that the loops in these kilts enable you to hook things while working.

Additional information:

Tactical Duty Kilt Multicam makes a statement. The tactical kilts come in different styles and designs with accessories so that you can wear them as a casual dress at work or a formal dress at an event. Quality kilts are always expensive, but we are trying to make them affordable for everyone.

Choose your size:

A kilt is sacred for Scottish people as it the national dress of Scotland, so it should be worn with great respect. No matter you are wearing it casually or at an event make sure that you have chosen the right sized kilt. Don’t let others laugh at you when you enter a party wearing a wrong sized kilt. Check the Kilt Master size guide to know how to measure your size.

It is always good to measure before buying a wring size. Remember that your pant size is not your kilt size. You need to measure your waist at navel, and hips at fullest points. Do not forget to measure the length you want. Check out Kilt Master step by step sizing guide to get the measures right the first time.

Why you need a tactical kilt?

Kilts are traditional garments the true scots wear. But if you rock the kilt in both modern and traditional styles, then tactical kilt is the best for you. Whether you are at an event or work where you need to stay mobile tactical kilts are perfect. Here is why you need to wear a tactical kilt:

  • Water and stain-resistant features keep it new and fresh no matter what you spill on your kilt.
  • You need storage space to keep things while wearing them? No problem! Tactical kilts have it all.
  • Our kilts allow you to move or even run comfortably. The pleats will not hinder at all.
  • It gives you a manly look, and everyone at the party will have eyes on you.
  • Diverse and stylish! These kits are great for parties or daily use.

Your tactical kilt is not a uniform if you are not a member of a military regiment or a pipe band. So, you can accessorize it the way you want. But remember that it is a sacred piece of garment for Scottish people so wear it with respect and modesty.

Source: Scottish Kilt Collection

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