What is a Tactical Kilt? or Tactical Kilts?

If you are a person who likes to wear a kilt in a more manly style then Tactical kilt is the one you can rely on! Tactical Kilts for Men was the original concept of 5.11 Tactical and all credit goes to them. The design was made keeping utility and comfort both in mind.

There are many Kilt lovers who only love to wear Tactical kilts and there are many who are confused about the actual meaning of Tactical Kilts. Therefore I am writing a short article for you.

What is a Tactical Kilt?

The Tactical Kilt is a rigid form of Utility Kilt. However, pure cotton material is used in making these kilt which gives them a manly look. These are super tough kilts which can be worn in the highland game season without the fear of getting it torn.

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I have listed some of the amazing features of these Tactical Kilts below;

  • Made up of super tough polyester-cotton blend fabric that is also breathable and it would be perfect for
  • people who sweat – you may get it!
  • These kilts are stain resistant, water resistant, which keeps your kilt fresh and new!
  • Built-in D-rings to attach keys or torch
  • Wide and Sturdy belt loops to support a fully loaded 1.75 inches tactical belt.
  • Hidden pockets like other Utility kilts by us for more space.
  • Triple stitching for outclass durability
  • Front pockets to store more gears and all.
  • Interchangeable TDU-style cargo pockets which are perfect to AR mags or three full-size pistol mags!

Why have a Tactical Kilt

You might be having this question that why to have a Tactical Duty Kilt when you can have a general Utility kilt instead. So let me list some of the reasons to must have a Tactical Kilt for yourself!

  • Stain and water proof makes you care for your kilt less – use it in any way without much care!
  • More storage space as compared to Utility Kilts.
  • Perfect for your rough and tough jobs and active-men lifestyle.
  • Very comfortable and breathable kilt!
  • Flaunt it like a Man!

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